BidSL is an exciting new way to sell and shop within Second Life. If you are familiar with eBay or another online auction venue, then you simply need to imagine the same concept in a fully three dimensional environment. BidSL allows merchants or any Second Life resident with an item to sell to instantly place it for sale to the highest bidder. Shopping for a bargain? You’ll find Second Life’s best values being offered in an auction format that allows you to set the price! Our automated auction devices are running twenty-four hours a day so you can shop and sell when it is most convenient for you. If you are one that loves the excitement and fast pace of an auction hosted by a live auctioneer, be sure not to miss our Saturday special interest auctions.


Bid and Buy Easily

Instructions for bidding. You can find some tremendous bargains on items at BidSL. The Second Life...
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Sell Your Items Fast

Tutorial -  selling your items at the BidSL Second Life auction house. Selling  your item,...
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Live, Hosted Auctions

Crave the excitement and fast pace of auctions run by a live auctioneer? BidSL has some great news. In...
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Franchises Available

Have you been searching for an exciting new business to begin in Second Life or maybe looking to expand...
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BidSL Anywhere

Having an event, party, conference, or just want a BidSL auction unit at your place? BidSL anywhere allows...
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Merchant Spotlight

The BidSL merchant spotlight area showcases Second Life merchants that frequently post auctions...
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Second Life Locations


Main BidSL Auction House

Bonghwang -Click to teleport

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More Locations

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What is BidSL?

BidSL is an auction venue for the residents of Second Life. Auction units located at BidSL locations within Second Life allow residents to sell or bid 24/7. BidSL also holds once-a-week live auctions hosted by a live auctioneer.


What can I bid on/buy at BidSL? Pretty much anything. Just like eBay and other online auctions you may be familiar with, the auctions at BidSL change frequently based upon what users choose to sell/auction. The best method to avoid missing out on the great deals at BidSL in Second Life is to browse the BidSL Second Life locations frequently to see what is currently being offered.


What can I sell at BidSL? Pretty much anything. As long as it is legal and you have the right to sell it, it is welcome at BidSL. You can sell Second Life items that you have created, or that you have purchased from another but no longer need (Second Life items must have transfer permission). Sell your clothing, skins, buildings, textures, gadgets, art, land, business, scripts, etc. You can even sell your real life items at BidSL in Second Life if you wish!


Please see our full Frequently Asked Questions area for further information.


BidSL introduces franchising opportunities
Start your own business or add on to your existing business as a BidSL franchisee. Enjoy the independence of owning and running your own business with the full support of BidSL. Please click here for more information.

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